Project Background

Lung Mei, located in Tai Po, is adjacent to Tai Mei Tuk which is a prominent leisure area that provides well-established facilities and water-based recreational activities for holiday-makers. In 1998, the ex-Provisional Regional Council (ex-PRC) recommended to develop a public bathing beach at Lung Mei in light of the insufficient capacity of the public swimming pool in the district. Since then, a Feasibility Study was completed in 2001 which confirmed the technical feasibility of developing a bathing beach at Lung Mei. Under Agreement No. CE 59/2005, an EIA Study was undertaken for this Project. The EIA Report (No. AEIAR-123/2008) was approved with conditions by the Director of Environmental Protection (DEP) in November 2008 and the Environmental Permit (No. EP-388/2010) (EP) for the construction of the Project was granted by the DEP in April 2010.

Under the requirements of the EP (EP No. EP‐388/2010), the Civil Engineering and Development Department (CEDD) is required to set up a dedicated Internet website for placing the environmental monitoring and audit data and Project information. This website contains the relevant environmental monitoring and audit data and Project information including the Project Background, EIAO Documents, EP Submissions, Baseline Monitoring Report, EM&A Reports and EM&A Data.